Australia 'deeply disappointed' China criminally detains man

  07/19/2019 02:43 AM

  Japan summons SKorean envoy to protest wartime labor dispute

  07/19/2019 02:39 AM

  Germany honors resisters who tried to assassinate Hitler

  07/19/2019 02:28 AM

  South Korean dies from self-immolation near Japan's embassy

  07/19/2019 02:25 AM

  Dutch Supreme Court set to rule in Srebrenica liability case

  07/19/2019 02:24 AM

  Is ‘squad’ member Ilhan Omar ‘married to her brother’? Trump’s odd claim about Democrat

  07/19/2019 02:23 AM

DONALD TRUMP appears to be refusing to back down from his attack on one member of the four-women Democrat group “The Squad”, making an extraordinary suggestion about one of the members and her marital history. But what did the President say?

  Abe's on track to win at the polls, but he needs to spend more to fix Japan's economy: Analyst

  07/19/2019 02:23 AM

  Sedition case against Philippine VP 'judicial harassment'

  07/19/2019 02:16 AM

  US warship 'destroys' Iranian drone in Strait of Hormuz

  07/19/2019 02:15 AM

  Lebanese losing faith as politicians fumble over economy

  07/19/2019 02:12 AM

  Afghanistan: Kabul University hit by explosion

  07/19/2019 02:07 AM

  Iran denies US destroyed an Iranian drone near Persian Gulf

  07/19/2019 02:04 AM

  Bodies found piled on staircase as Japan's worst mass killing in decades claims 33 lives - CNN

  07/19/2019 02:03 AM

  Iran denies US destroyed an Iranian drone near Persian Gulf

  07/19/2019 02:02 AM

  'Disgusting!’ British taxpayer fury at new EU chief van der Leyen’s ‘extortionate’ salary

  07/19/2019 02:01 AM

THE revelation that new European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will earn more than £300,000 a year will leave British taxpayers “disgusted”, campaigners have said.

  US demands Iran free seized ship; vows to protect Gulf

  07/19/2019 02:00 AM

  The Latest: S. Korean man dies of burns near Japan Embassy

  07/19/2019 01:58 AM

  The Latest: S. Korean man dies of burns near Japan Embassy

  07/19/2019 01:56 AM

  Explosion outside Kabul University kills 6, wounds 27

  07/19/2019 01:50 AM

  Explosion outside Kabul University kills 6, wounds 27

  07/19/2019 01:50 AM

  6 injured after gas explosion destroys New Zealand home

  07/19/2019 01:49 AM

  Dem socialist Julia Salazar allegedly dipped into trust fund during state senate campaign: report

  07/19/2019 01:49 AM

  6 injured after gas explosion destroys New Zealand home

  07/19/2019 01:46 AM

  Police say a 78-year-old South Korean man has died hours after setting himself ablaze near the Japanese Embassy

  07/19/2019 01:45 AM

  World War 3: The single ‘greatest threat to democracy’ revealed by former US ambassador

  07/19/2019 01:45 AM

A WORLD WAR 3 scenario threatens to unravel in Europe and former US ambassador to Ukraine – John Herbst – warned of the “greatest threat to democracy” that could spark conflict.

  FIFA-backed students sent out to help run world sports

  07/19/2019 01:43 AM

  Police say a 78-year-old South Korean man has died hours after setting himself ablaze near the Japanese Embassy

  07/19/2019 01:43 AM

  Suspect in Kyoto Animation fire that killed 33 claims studio stole his story idea – report

  07/19/2019 01:25 AM

  Kim Kardashian West thanks Trump for reported help to free A$AP Rocky

  07/19/2019 01:25 AM

  Taiwan's president is planning another stop over in the US. China will be infuriated

  07/19/2019 01:25 AM

  SEE IT: Man in suit piggy-backs woman to escape flooded New Jersey train station

  07/19/2019 01:20 AM

  Fatal stabbings of mom, 3 kids leave relatives, friends devastated; suspect in custody, authorities say

  07/19/2019 01:12 AM

  At least 8 children dead, 16 hurt in Philippines truck crash

  07/19/2019 01:10 AM

  Jerry Seinfeld lands 'dream guest' for new season of 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

  07/19/2019 01:10 AM

  'Not deterred': A defiant Ilhan Omar vows to fight Trump

  07/19/2019 01:08 AM

  As Trump wages a race war, intellectual nationalists try to keep pace

  07/19/2019 12:59 AM

  SEE IT: Philadelphia man escapes fire by scaling at least 14 stories down side of high-rise

  07/19/2019 12:52 AM

  New Charges in Stormy Daniels Hush Money Inquiry Are Unlikely, Prosecutors Signal

  07/19/2019 12:48 AM

  New York City Triathlon Is Canceled Because of Heat Warnings

  07/19/2019 12:43 AM

  Trump Disavows ‘Send Her Back’ Chant as G.O.P. Frets Over Ugly Phrase

  07/19/2019 12:37 AM

  Indian state party boss sleeps on parliament floor in bizarre protest (VIDEO)

  07/19/2019 12:35 AM

  On the Road With the Tour de France

  07/19/2019 12:32 AM

  Bitcoin vs Libra: Here are the key differences between the two cryptocurrencies

  07/19/2019 12:30 AM

  'Person of interest' in fatal shooting of off-duty Pittsburgh cop turns self in: police

  07/19/2019 12:28 AM

  Five guys arrested at Five Guys burger joint in Florida: police

  07/19/2019 12:24 AM

  Crystal Cathedral in California Gets a New Life as a Catholic Church

  07/19/2019 12:21 AM

  Boy injured when two rides collide at Chicago-area carnival

  07/19/2019 12:20 AM

  Here Are the Lineups for the Next Democratic Debates

  07/19/2019 12:18 AM

  German mission to Palestine caught liking ‘anti-Israel’ tweets, investigation launched

  07/19/2019 12:18 AM

  2020 Chevrolet Corvette revealed with mid-engine design, bargain price

  07/19/2019 12:17 AM

  'Firebird' roller coaster jams at Six Flags park near DC; all passengers escorted to safety

  07/19/2019 12:08 AM

  E.P.A. Won’t Ban Chlorpyrifos, Pesticide Tied to Children’s Health Problems

  07/19/2019 12:07 AM

  4 Chicago officers fired over statements they made after Laquan McDonald shooting

  07/19/2019 12:06 AM

  AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America, Caribbean

  07/19/2019 12:02 AM

  AP Photos: Editor selections from the past week in Asia

  07/18/2019 11:57 PM

  Google Chrome Update Will Close 'Loophole' That Tipped Sites Off to Your Incognito Mode

  07/18/2019 11:50 PM

  ‘I Can See You Are Gay; I Will Kill You’

  07/18/2019 11:48 PM

  Trump Voters Are Not the Only Voters

  07/18/2019 11:48 PM

  A ‘Train Wreck’ Was Averted at the Supreme Court, but for How Long?

  07/18/2019 11:48 PM

  ‘Trump’s Going to Get Re-elected, Isn’t He?’

  07/18/2019 11:48 PM

  Deficit Man and the 2020 Election

  07/18/2019 11:48 PM

  The Real Meaning of ‘Send Her Back!’

  07/18/2019 11:48 PM

  Donald Trump Hates America

  07/18/2019 11:48 PM

  FaceApp Shows We Care About Privacy but Don’t Understand It

  07/18/2019 11:48 PM

  What I Learned Photographing Death

  07/18/2019 11:48 PM

  The ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ Crowd Wants Access to This Arctic Reserve

  07/18/2019 11:48 PM

  How Not to Insult Donald Trump

  07/18/2019 11:48 PM

  El Chapo Has Disappeared. (Is He at the Supermax?)

  07/18/2019 11:36 PM

  Jeffrey Epstein Is Denied Bail in Sex Crimes Case

  07/18/2019 11:35 PM

  Turkey bombs Kurdish region in Iraq after diplomat killed

  07/18/2019 11:23 PM

  Luxury goods join Hong Kong retail slump as protests bite - BBC News

  07/18/2019 11:22 PM

  Is Huawei a Security Threat? Vietnam Isn’t Taking Any Chances

  07/18/2019 11:17 PM

  Singapore returning millions linked to Malaysia scandal

  07/18/2019 11:17 PM

Singapore returning millions linked to Malaysia scandalSingapore is returning almost $40 million to Malaysia seized in connection with a massive financial scandal that played a major role in the toppling of the corruption-plagued government of Najib Razak, police said. The city-state is one of several countries that launched probes into allegations that billions of dollars were misappropriated from Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB in an elaborate ruse that stretched from Asia to the United States. The scandal -- allegedly involving Malaysia's ex-leader Najib, his family members and inner circle -- played a key role in the defeat of his long-ruling coalition at the polls last year.

  America's Sports Car, the Corvette, almost didn't survive the Great Recession

  07/18/2019 11:15 PM

  BMW, Tencent to open computing center in China for self-driving cars

  07/18/2019 11:08 PM

  Japan in shock as police probe fire tragedy that left 33 dead

  07/18/2019 11:06 PM

  Melania Trump: First Lady surges in popularity as new poll reveals Hillary Clinton plummet

  07/18/2019 10:54 PM

MELANIA TRUMP’s popularity has surged in a new YouGov poll as she makes huge gains as former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s expense.

  6 injured after huge gas explosion destroys New Zealand home - WPEC

  07/18/2019 10:47 PM

  Nancy Pelosi is Speaker in name only and the 'squad' is really in charge says Republican

  07/18/2019 10:42 PM

NANCY PELOSI has been savaged by senior Republican Tom Emmer who claimed she is the House Speaker in name only and in fact ‘the squad’ are actually the Speaker.

  What Is the Heat Index? Is it the Heat, the Humidity, or Both?

  07/18/2019 10:39 PM

  Chinese Australian writer facing possible charges after six months in China jail - CNN

  07/18/2019 10:39 PM

  4 Chicago police officers fired over Lacquan McDonald shooting

  07/18/2019 10:35 PM

  Iran suggests ratifying deeper nuclear inspections in return for US sanctions relief

  07/18/2019 10:28 PM

  Trump to Nominate Eugene Scalia for Labor Secretary Job

  07/18/2019 10:19 PM

  On Apollo 11 anniversary, NYT declares USSR ‘won space race’ for wokeness

  07/18/2019 10:19 PM

  Trump Says U.S. Downs Iranian Drone, Refueling Tensions as Both Nations Dig In

  07/18/2019 10:16 PM

  US man sentenced to life in prison for murder of Chinese scholar

  07/18/2019 10:10 PM

  Ivanka Trump savaged as Republican demands ‘What did you do?’ after Donald’s Omar attack

  07/18/2019 10:10 PM

IVANKA TRUMP has been savaged by a Republican commentator following her father’s recent Republican rally in North Carolina.

  Boeing to Take $4.9 Billion Charge Related to Grounded 737 Max as Fallout Continues

  07/18/2019 10:10 PM

  Turkey launches air strike on Iraqi Kurdistan after diplomat killed

  07/18/2019 10:04 PM

Turkey launches air strike on Iraqi Kurdistan after diplomat killedTurkey on Thursday launched an air attack on Iraqi Kurdistan in response to the killing of a Turkish diplomat in the region, the country's defence minister said. The Turkish vice consul to Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region was shot dead Wednesday in the local capital Arbil. Police sources said two other people were also killed.

  Melania Trump reveals iconic piece of history that has been returned back to the US

  07/18/2019 09:46 PM

MELANIA TRUMP revealed an iconic and momentous piece of US history had been returned back to the country it came from.

  Japan mourns after the worst mass killing in two decades claims 33 lives in arson attack

  07/18/2019 09:45 PM

  Trump to nominate son of late Supreme Court justice as labour secretary

  07/18/2019 09:43 PM

  US-China officials discuss trade, Mnuchin suggests possible in-person talks

  07/18/2019 09:41 PM

  Michelle Obama receives major new title - and it’s higher than Queen Elizabeth II's

  07/18/2019 09:36 PM

MICHELLE OBAMA has received a major new title that is higher than the Queen of the United Kingdom's.

  Trump Says He May Intervene in Huge Pentagon Contract Sought by Amazon

  07/18/2019 09:17 PM

  'Stain of the century': US denounces China's treatment of Uighurs

  07/18/2019 09:17 PM

  UK's new leader must urgently decide on including Huawei in 5G network, lawmakers say

  07/18/2019 09:16 PM

  Israel, Bahrain foreign ministers hold first public meeting in US

  07/18/2019 09:11 PM

  Chance of no-deal Brexit rises as Johnson leads Hunt: poll - Reuters

  07/18/2019 09:11 PM

  Trump to nominate son of Antonin Scalia to be next labor secretary

  07/18/2019 09:10 PM

  Trump officials pressing to slash refugee admissions to zero next year - Politico

  07/18/2019 09:04 PM
Trump officials pressing to slash refugee admissions to zero next year  Politico

The Trump administration is considering a virtual shutdown of refugee admissions next year — cutting the number to nearly zero — according to three people ...

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  Navy brass, low budget blamed for Argentina sub tragedy

  07/18/2019 08:59 PM

  Struggling Barneys Considers Its Options, Including Bankruptcy

  07/18/2019 08:59 PM

  NATO’s ‘aggressive anti-Russian’ policies condemned by Moscow as military warning fired

  07/18/2019 08:55 PM

RUSSIA accused the West of expanding its aggression towards Moscow by increasing NATO’s spending.

  Lineups set for second round of Democratic debates

  07/18/2019 08:55 PM

  What Does The Future Of Space Exploration Hold? | NBC Nightly News - NBC News

  07/18/2019 08:43 PM

  Judge considering throwing out criminal case against Michael Flynn's lobbying partner - CNN

  07/18/2019 08:38 PM

  Yemen Has Been a Saudi Prince’s War. Now It’s His Quagmire.

  07/18/2019 08:34 PM

  Puerto Ricans, furious at their governor, are forging a movement to boot him out

  07/18/2019 08:32 PM

  Christchurch explosion: New Zealand city street evacuated as ‘bomb-like’ sound erupts

  07/18/2019 08:31 PM

A MASSIVE explosion has been labelled a “serious” incident by the authorities in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  India queries Chinese app TikTok after call for ban by Hindu group

  07/18/2019 08:31 PM

  Dr. John Tanton, Quiet Catalyst in Anti-Immigration Drive, Dies at 85

  07/18/2019 08:29 PM

  'Cats' trailer shows Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and James Corden as furry felines

  07/18/2019 08:20 PM

  Uber drivers and other gig workers in California could see improved lifestyle under proposed law

  07/18/2019 08:16 PM

Uber drivers and other gig workers in California could see improved lifestyle under proposed lawUber, Lyft in the crosshairs as California lawmakers look to redefine part-time job rules to boost pay, benefits for drivers.

  Entire city of Fort Lauderdale was without water after main break

  07/18/2019 08:16 PM

  Bolsonaro defends 200 days in power amid criticism

  07/18/2019 08:13 PM

  El Salvador judge orders new charges for El Mozote massacre

  07/18/2019 08:02 PM

  Christian bookseller drops its initials, CBD

  07/18/2019 08:00 PM

  Trump says the U.S. Navy downed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz

  07/18/2019 07:58 PM

  Mexico attends thousands of unaccompanied migrant minors

  07/18/2019 07:55 PM

  Growing calls for governor of Puerto Rico to resign - CBS News

  07/18/2019 07:50 PM

  Instagram Will Now Warn You If Your Account Is Close to Being Yanked

  07/18/2019 07:50 PM

Instagram’s recent rollouts of updates to its platform continues this week with two more changes around post and account take-downs, as well as a new process for appealing content deletion that it will expand in the coming months.


  Asia stocks trade higher as hopes rise for more easing from the Fed

  07/18/2019 07:30 PM

  Bolsonaro defends 200 days in power amid criticism

  07/18/2019 07:19 PM

  Scary video shows man nearly washed into approaching NYC train by floodwater

  07/18/2019 07:15 PM

  Defense Department contractor arrested for making a threatening call to Florida congresswoman

  07/18/2019 07:13 PM

  Welcome to America’s Newest National Park. Don’t Mind the Power Plant.

  07/18/2019 07:11 PM

  In Little Haiti, Barbecue Is Part of History

  07/18/2019 07:11 PM

  NY Fed clarifies Williams speech that market took as signal of a rate cut

  07/18/2019 07:07 PM


  07/18/2019 07:05 PM

  U.S. Marines jam an Iranian drone in the Gulf, destroying it

  07/18/2019 07:03 PM

  Police identify man who they say raped, killed a U.S. scientist — then left her body in a cave

  07/18/2019 06:54 PM

  Donald Trump, Heat Wave, ‘Sesame Street’: Your Thursday Evening Briefing

  07/18/2019 06:52 PM

  Deemed dangerous, Epstein denied bail in sex abuse case

  07/18/2019 06:50 PM

  Iran’s Foreign Minister Proposes Modest Deal to End Impasse With U.S. - The New York Times

  07/18/2019 06:46 PM

  Red Cross to World’s Cities: Here’s How to Prevent Heat Wave Deaths

  07/18/2019 06:42 PM

  Navy warship sunk by German sub in WWII finally located

  07/18/2019 06:15 PM

Navy warship sunk by German sub in WWII finally locatedA private dive team has located the last U.S. Navy warship to be sunk by a German submarine in World War II, just a few miles (kilometers) off the coast of Maine. The sinking of the USS Eagle PE-56 on April 23, 1945, was originally blamed on a boiler explosion. The patrol boat's precise location remained a mystery — until now.

  British Open back at Royal Portrush and puts on quite a show

  07/18/2019 06:09 PM

  The Latest: Politicians praise Jeffrey Epstein's bail ruling

  07/18/2019 06:08 PM

  Storied Russian Miniatures Dwindling in Face of Icon Revival

  07/18/2019 06:00 PM

  Suspected Arson at Kyoto Animation Studio Kills 33, Shocking Japan

  07/18/2019 05:57 PM

  Fact check: Trump says Rep. Omar 'proud' of al Qaeda

  07/18/2019 05:55 PM

  Fact check: Trump says Rep. Omar 'proud' of al Qaeda - NBC News

  07/18/2019 05:55 PM
Fact check: Trump says Rep. Omar 'proud' of al Qaeda  NBC News

President Donald Trump made a baseless claim and mischaracterized the remarks of Rep. Ilhan Omar during a campaign rally Wednesday night, painting the ...

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  Russia May Sell Its Own Fighter Jet to Turkey after U.S. Cancels over Missile Sale and Considers Old Rival - Newsweek

  07/18/2019 05:51 PM

  Toys'R'Us Isn't Dead, It's Just Becoming an 'Experience'

  07/18/2019 05:45 PM

  Puerto Ricans try to forge movement to oust governor

  07/18/2019 05:44 PM

  Illinois gas station worker fired after telling Latino customers 'ICE will come'

  07/18/2019 05:38 PM

  Acting Head Of Customs and Border Protection Says New Asylum Rule In 'Pilot' Phase - NPR

  07/18/2019 05:36 PM

  2 injured after chemical fire at New Jersey factory

  07/18/2019 05:34 PM

  Adorable New Species of Flying Squirrel Discovered in China

  07/18/2019 05:32 PM

  Probe finds ex-Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White made staff run personal errands

  07/18/2019 05:27 PM

  Human remains and musket balls found at battle site marking Napoleon Bonaparte's final defeat - CNN

  07/18/2019 05:21 PM
Human remains and musket balls found at battle site marking Napoleon Bonaparte's final defeat  CNN

The discoveries may help paint a clearer picture of what went down in what was to be the French military leader's final stand.

  Police responding to foul odor find woman dead in New York City apartment

  07/18/2019 05:18 PM

Police responding to foul odor find woman dead in New York City apartmentPolice are investigating the death of a 33-year-old woman found dead with obvious signs of trauma to her body.

  US lawmakers propose ban on export of tribes' sacred items

  07/18/2019 05:09 PM

  Trump says he is ‘not looking’ at sanctions against Turkey over S-400... at least not right now

  07/18/2019 05:09 PM

  Trump's racism and American exceptionalism

  07/18/2019 05:03 PM

  Biden's plan for rural America is the latest Democratic outreach to Trump country

  07/18/2019 05:02 PM

  Lawyer: El Chapo was whisked away within hours of sentencing

  07/18/2019 04:55 PM

Lawyer: El Chapo was whisked away within hours of sentencingOnly hours after receiving a life sentence, convicted Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was forced to make a sudden departure to the highest-security prison in the U.S. to serve the term, his lawyer said Thursday. A government helicopter whisked the narco, notorious for his daring jailbreaks, out of New York City on Wednesday after the sentencing in federal court in Brooklyn, said defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman. For most defendants, there's a lag between sentencing and a decision by the Bureau of Prisons on where to house them.

  The U.S. Marines Might Be Souring on Amphibious Assault Ships. Here's Why.

  07/18/2019 04:55 PM

The U.S. Marines Might Be Souring on Amphibious Assault Ships. Here's Why.The incoming commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps is backing away from the service’s longstanding requirement for 38 dedicated amphibious assault ships.The move could signal the beginning of a new approach to amphibious warfare for the world’s leading marine force.New commandant Gen. David Berger is “willing to shed some key tenets of the Marines’ amphibious force-planning in recent years – including the demand for 38 amphibious warships to support a two Marine Expeditionary Brigade-sized forcible entry force,” Megan Eckstein reported for the U.S. Naval Institute.Force-structure assessments in 2009 and 2016 affirmed the Marines’ requirement for 38 assault ships including LHA and LHD big-deck vessels and small-deck LSDs and LPDs.The Navy in 2019 was short of the 38-amphib goal. The 32 ships currently in the fleet together can carry hundreds of jump jets, tiltrotors, helicopters, ACV armored vehicles, LCU landing craft and LCAC hovercraft as well as thousands of Marines.“We will no longer use a ‘2.0 MEB requirement’ as the foundation for our arguments regarding amphibious ship building, to determine the requisite capacity of vehicles or other capabilities, or as pertains to the Maritime Prepositioning Force,”  Berger wrote. “We will no longer reference the 38-ship requirement memo from 2009, or the 2016 Force Structure Assessment, as the basis for our arguments and force structure justifications.”A new force-structure assessment due to end in 2019 could reduce the number of traditional assault ships in the Marines require and instead include alternative vessels in the tally of ships that can support a beach assault.

  Congo soldiers, police to enforce Ebola emergency measures

  07/18/2019 04:54 PM

  Rescue vessel Sea-Watch captain questioned in Italy over migrants

  07/18/2019 04:53 PM

  So, About Your Internet Porn Habits

  07/18/2019 04:45 PM

  Now the hard part: Why Netflix's toughest days are still ahead

  07/18/2019 04:45 PM

  'Send her back' chant blew the cover off Trump's conflation of race and country

  07/18/2019 04:43 PM

  Yemen Has Been a Saudi Prince’s War. Now It’s His Quagmire. - The New York Times

  07/18/2019 04:42 PM

  Oil prices could retest their 2019 lows if they fall below this level: RBC's Helima Croft

  07/18/2019 04:34 PM

  Extinction Rebellion launches London 'tax strike'

  07/18/2019 04:32 PM

  The 10 Best Deals of July 18, 2019

  07/18/2019 04:31 PM

  Boeing to take $4.9 billion hit in second quarter on 737 Max grounding

  07/18/2019 04:30 PM

  As plastics foul the world’s oceans, world leaders struggle over how to respond

  07/18/2019 04:22 PM

  Ecuador has first same-sex marriage, following court ruling

  07/18/2019 04:22 PM

  Verizon's First 5G Hotspot Will Cost You $650—and You Better Watch Your Data

  07/18/2019 04:20 PM

While 5G is still very new, we’ve already seen a handful of 5G-ready phones like the Galaxy S10 5G, LG V50 5G, and the Moto Z4 (with a 5G mod of course). So now, alongside the launch of 5G service in St. Paul, Minnesota, Verizon is announcing its first 5G hotspot: the Inseego MiFi 1000.


  Once Believed Extinct, New Zealand's Orange-Fronted Parakeet Makes Comeback - NPR

  07/18/2019 04:20 PM

  El Salvador judge expands 1981 El Mozote massacre case

  07/18/2019 04:14 PM

  ‘I am disgusted’: New Yorkers react to Trump telling congresswomen to ‘go back’ to their countries

  07/18/2019 04:14 PM

‘I am disgusted’: New Yorkers react to Trump telling congresswomen to ‘go back’ to their countriesNew Yorkers, like much of the country, have some strong opinions about the latest controversy engulfing President Trump. “I am disgusted at the Republicans,” said Randi, of Manhattan. “I can’t believe no one stands up to him. I thought of myself as independent, and I’m forced into being a Democrat.”

  Yemenis die as UAE and Saudi withhold aid funds: UN

  07/18/2019 04:13 PM

  Trio sentenced to death for beheading backpackers in ISIS-inspired slayings - New York Post

  07/18/2019 04:06 PM

  Top Gun: Maverick Is Here With More Plane Action Than You Thought Possible

  07/18/2019 04:03 PM

If you’re asking, wait, how the hell does Top Gun fit in anymore, that’s exactly what the movie asks as well.


  June 2019 was the hottest on record across the globe, says NOAA

  07/18/2019 04:00 PM

  Satellite Images Show Vast Swaths of the Arctic On Fire

  07/18/2019 04:00 PM

  Here's Another Chance To Save 15% On iTunes Credit

  07/18/2019 04:00 PM

  The US shoots down an Iranian drone, and Trump draws a red line - Washington Examiner

  07/18/2019 03:55 PM

  US demands Saudi Arabia release 'critic of Islam'

  07/18/2019 03:54 PM

  Pakistan lost $50 million from airspace restrictions: minister

  07/18/2019 03:52 PM

Pakistan lost $50 million from airspace restrictions: ministerPakistan's aviation minister on Thursday said that his country suffered loses of over eight billion rupees ($50 million) from airspace restrictions imposed since February which affected hundreds of commercial and cargo flights. Pakistan closed its airspace after an attack by a Pakistan-based militant group in Indian-controlled Kashmir led to clashes between the nuclear-armed powers, adding flight time for passengers and fuel costs for airlines. “Over eight billion rupees worth of losses have been suffered by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority,” Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Pakistan’s aviation minister told a press conference in Karachi.

  Health Care Workers in the UK Turned Over an Undocumented Immigrant Trafficking Victim to Police, Case Report Says

  07/18/2019 03:50 PM

  India reschedules Moon mission for Monday - Fox News

  07/18/2019 03:48 PM

  Documents reveal Trump discussed quashing stories about affairs

  07/18/2019 03:44 PM

  Lebanon's Palestinian refugees protest against labour crackdown

  07/18/2019 03:41 PM

  Microsoft beats on earnings, stock ticks up

  07/18/2019 03:33 PM

  Zimbabwe cricket suspended over 'political interference'

  07/18/2019 03:30 PM

  'No-deal' Brexit dealt blow by UK parliament

  07/18/2019 03:22 PM

  US Navy shoots down Iranian drone in Strait of Hormuz – Trump

  07/18/2019 03:22 PM

  Sailor missing from US aircraft carrier rehearsing strike on Iran’s doorstep

  07/18/2019 03:21 PM

  U.S. heat wave just warming up for long and scorching weekend

  07/18/2019 03:18 PM

  Trump: No decision yet on Turkey sanctions over S-400 purchase

  07/18/2019 03:16 PM

  Trump says US Navy destroys Iranian drone in 'defensive action'

  07/18/2019 03:16 PM

  South African military deployed in Cape Town to help fight gangs

  07/18/2019 03:15 PM

  McDonald's in Florida refused to hire Jewish man because of his beard, lawsuit says

  07/18/2019 03:13 PM

  As Trump seeks distance from racist chant, Omar calls him fascist

  07/18/2019 03:11 PM

  Now the market thinks the Fed could make an even deeper cut to rates later this month

  07/18/2019 03:08 PM

  US Navy searching for missing USS Abraham Lincoln sailor in Arabian Sea - ABC News

  07/18/2019 03:07 PM

  Hundreds of Astronomers Denounce Arrest of Native Hawaiians Protesting Thirty Meter Telescope

  07/18/2019 03:05 PM

  Asylum seekers waiting in Nuevo Laredo fear lurking dangers

  07/18/2019 03:03 PM

Asylum seekers waiting in Nuevo Laredo fear lurking dangersThe round-faced woman from La Ceiba, Honduras, and her 5- and 12-year-old sons arrived in this city across the border from Laredo, Texas, where she had been promised a job and hoped to build a new life. As the United States tries to slow the flow of mostly Central American migrants and asylum seekers to its southern border and pressures Mexico to assist, months-long stays on the Mexican side of the frontier have become the rule for many. The U.S. government tells its own employees not to set foot in nearly all parts of the state.

  Apollo 11: Behind the mission that made history

  07/18/2019 02:59 PM

  ‘It Was a Massacre’: 10 Are Killed in Caste-Driven Land Dispute in India

  07/18/2019 02:58 PM

  WHO declared the Ebola outbreak in Congo a global health emergency. Here’s what that means.

  07/18/2019 02:41 PM

  'Terminator: Dark Fate' to be rated R, bring back Eddie Furlong as John Connor

  07/18/2019 02:33 PM

  At least 11 killed in Taliban attack on Afghan police HQ

  07/18/2019 02:29 PM

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  The Boosted Scooter Is a Blast

  07/18/2019 02:25 PM

Electric scooters are dangerous. It seems like you can’t go a day without seeing a scary story in the news reminding the world of this fact. People die riding these things. So it wasn’t surprising when Boosted emphasized safety in announcing it’s new e-scooter. The $1,600 Boosted Rev has three brakes, wide…


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