F.D.R. Didn’t Just Fix the Economy

  04/16/2021 12:55 PM

  Biden Will Not Raise Refugee Admission Target

  04/16/2021 12:53 PM

  Morgan Stanley Takes a $900 Million Hit With Archegos’s Collapse

  04/16/2021 12:53 PM

  White House Details Almost $2 Billion Plan to Track Variants

  04/16/2021 12:53 PM

  Indianapolis shooting: Families await news, investigation ongoing

  04/16/2021 12:52 PM

  Capitol rioter takes first public plea deal, agrees to cooperate with authorities: sources

  04/16/2021 12:51 PM

  Russia to expel 10 U.S. diplomats in response to Washington sanctions

  04/16/2021 12:51 PM

  Crypto watershed, Amtrak Joe, China GDP and a $1.36m pixel

  04/16/2021 12:50 PM

  NFL teams drafting, changing QBs at dizzying pace

  04/16/2021 12:49 PM

  Media critics erupt after Russia bounty story fizzles: 'Nonsense from the beginning'

  04/16/2021 12:49 PM

  As N.Y. Courts Seek to Root Out Racism, a Clerk Is Heard Using a Slur

  04/16/2021 12:46 PM

  LSU reeling amid protracted reviews of sexual assault cases

  04/16/2021 12:46 PM

  FedEx's No-Phone Policy Prevented Indianapolis Shooting Victims From Calling Loved Ones

  04/16/2021 12:45 PM

  China calls for closer cooperation on climate change

  04/16/2021 12:44 PM

  Liberty University Sues Jerry Falwell Jr. for $10 Million

  04/16/2021 12:41 PM

  Rome undertakers protest over coffin backlog as city battles to find enough burial plots for Covid dead

  04/16/2021 12:40 PM

  'Still crushin it!': Selena fans celebrate what would have been her 50th birthday

  04/16/2021 12:38 PM

  AP Interview: Beijing says US ‘too negative’ toward China

  04/16/2021 12:38 PM

  Louisiana Coast Guard search: Families hope loved ones can be found alive in capsized boat

  04/16/2021 12:38 PM

  Russia to expel 10 US diplomats in response to Washington

  04/16/2021 12:37 PM

  Hong Kong Sentences Jimmy Lai, Other Pro-Democracy Figures, to Prison

  04/16/2021 12:36 PM

  AP Interview: Beijing says US 'too negative' toward China

  04/16/2021 12:36 PM

  Biden meets Japan’s leader to boost China-facing alliances

  04/16/2021 12:35 PM

  Public comment period extended for border surveillance plan

  04/16/2021 12:35 PM

  Why Amazon’s Workers Sided With the Company Over a Union

  04/16/2021 12:34 PM

  Burgess Owens blasts paper's 'pathetic' cartoon comparing him to KKK: 'Woke racism’

  04/16/2021 12:34 PM

  Dogecoin spikes 400% in a week, stoking fears of a cryptocurrency bubble

  04/16/2021 12:34 PM

  Russia to expel 10 US diplomats in response to Washington

  04/16/2021 12:34 PM

  Hunger-striking Navalny describes threats to force-feed him

  04/16/2021 12:33 PM

  Federal prosecutors secure first guilty plea in cases stemming from Jan. 6 Capitol riot

  04/16/2021 12:33 PM

  Surge in violence rattles Haiti as poverty, fear deepens

  04/16/2021 12:32 PM

  Chile leads the Western Hemisphere in vaccinations. The coronavirus is still surging.

  04/16/2021 12:32 PM

  Surge in violence rattles Haiti as poverty, fear deepens

  04/16/2021 12:30 PM

  Helen McCrory, English actress who starred in 'Harry Potter' and 'Peaky Blinders,' dead at 52

  04/16/2021 12:29 PM

  Russia to expel 10 U.S. diplomats in response to Biden administration sanctions

  04/16/2021 12:27 PM

  Hunger-striking Navalny describes threats to force-feed him

  04/16/2021 12:26 PM

  13 Key Moments That Shaped the Trial of Derek Chauvin

  04/16/2021 12:26 PM

  Eli Steele: Georgia's political confusion sparks pain for everyday people

  04/16/2021 12:25 PM

  Washington Football Team sends survey to season ticket holders for feedback on more than 30 potential names

  04/16/2021 12:24 PM

  Senate Democrats urge Biden to deny funds for Brazil Amazon

  04/16/2021 12:24 PM

  The Chelsea Hotel Becomes a New York Battleground

  04/16/2021 12:24 PM

  Biden administration to invest $1.7bn to fight COVID-19 variants

  04/16/2021 12:21 PM

  Indianapolis Colts 'saddened' over FedEx shooting: 'Victims and survivors are our friends and neighbors'

  04/16/2021 12:20 PM

  Indianapolis mass shooting: Eight dead at FedEx facility

  04/16/2021 12:19 PM

  8 people killed in shooting at Indianapolis FedEx facility; suspect also dead

  04/16/2021 12:19 PM

  France, Germany, Ukraine call for Russian troops withdrawal

  04/16/2021 12:17 PM

  Ukraine may seek nuclear weapons if left out of NATO: Diplomat

  04/16/2021 12:16 PM

  Israel says it will 'definitely' stop Iran from getting bomb

  04/16/2021 12:15 PM

  Peaky Blinders, Harry Potter actor Helen McCrory dead at 52

  04/16/2021 12:15 PM

  World War I Memorial in Washington Raises First Flag After Years of Wrangling

  04/16/2021 12:12 PM

  Facebook panel's Trump ruling delayed as comments flood in

  04/16/2021 12:11 PM

  GOP agrees on one thing: Biden's infrastructure plan is bad. Now comes the hard part.

  04/16/2021 12:11 PM

  J&J pitched vaccine makers industrywide probe on blood clots: WSJ

  04/16/2021 12:08 PM

  3 resign from Auschwitz council after politician appointed

  04/16/2021 12:06 PM

  China Plans to Approve First Foreign Covid-19 Vaccine by July - The Wall Street Journal

  04/16/2021 12:06 PM

  S&P 500 edges higher to another all-time high, on pace for 4th straight positive week

  04/16/2021 12:00 PM

  Who will be the next Duke of Edinburgh?

  04/16/2021 12:00 PM

  Hacking the Game Boy's Multiplayer Randomizer Creates the Perfect Version of Tetris

  04/16/2021 12:00 PM

  Prince Philip designed his own hearse, a modified Land Rover

  04/16/2021 11:59 AM

  Putin residence has cryo chamber and stables, Navalny team alleges - The Guardian

  04/16/2021 11:58 AM

  A Partial List of Mass Shootings in the United States in 2021

  04/16/2021 11:57 AM

  Iran starts enriching uranium to 60%, its highest level ever

  04/16/2021 11:57 AM

  Thermal imaging finds signs of life as 12 remain missing on capsized boat off Gulf Coast

  04/16/2021 11:56 AM

  8 Killed in Shooting at FedEx Warehouse in Indianapolis

  04/16/2021 11:53 AM

  Boris urged NOT to intervene in Russia tensions as Putin sends 100,000 troops to border

  04/16/2021 11:53 AM

THE UK should not intervene in the growing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, according to a poll, as Vladimir Putin prepares to send in excess of 100,000 troops to the border.

  German's IDT to make 10M AstraZeneca vaccine doses in 2021

  04/16/2021 11:48 AM

  Morgan Stanley tops earnings estimates on better-than-expected trading, investment banking results

  04/16/2021 11:47 AM

  Britain debates Prince Philip's legacy: Servant of queen and country? Or symbol of White male privilege?

  04/16/2021 11:46 AM

  Foreign minister says Moscow will ask 10 U.S. diplomats to leave Russia in a quid pro quo response to U.S. sanctions

  04/16/2021 11:39 AM

  What We Know About the Indianapolis Shooting

  04/16/2021 11:37 AM

  Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are lone lawmakers to vote against National Marrow Donor Program

  04/16/2021 11:36 AM

  Archaeology discovery: Teeth scratches from 1.8m years ago could explain right-handedness

  04/16/2021 11:25 AM

ARCHAEOLOGISTS might have explained why the majority of mankind is right-handed after analysing scratches found on teeth that are around 1.8 million years old.

  Opponents of Myanmar coup form unity government, aim for 'federal democracy' - Reuters

  04/16/2021 11:25 AM

  The Most Challenged Books of 2020

  04/16/2021 11:22 AM

  Germany facing ‘very serious’ third wave, Merkel warns in push for wider Covid powers

  04/16/2021 11:19 AM

  Krugman Wonks Out: The Case for Supercore Inflation

  04/16/2021 11:18 AM

  Violent home invasion ends with masked man shot — by his own grandfather, NC cops say

  04/16/2021 11:16 AM

  Pakistan briefly blocks social media amid anti-France rally

  04/16/2021 11:16 AM

  Russia to close parts of Black Sea near Crimea for six months

  04/16/2021 11:14 AM

  Merkel says she’s ‘happy’ after receiving AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine as blood clot concerns persist

  04/16/2021 11:10 AM

  Chinese vaccine 67% effective in preventing symptomatic Covid-19, says Chilean govt

  04/16/2021 11:10 AM

  Two New Galaxy Book Laptops Get Leaked Ahead of Samsung's Upcoming Unpacked Event

  04/16/2021 11:10 AM

The Samsung leaks just keep coming. Following recent rumors about the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite, Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 have just been spotted in recently discovered renders.


  Migrant boat sinks off Tunisia, 21 dead, 3 survivors found

  04/16/2021 11:05 AM

  2.5 billion T. rex roamed Earth, but not all at once, study finds

  04/16/2021 11:04 AM

  'Roaring Kitty' stands to rake in millions on his GameStop options bet Friday

  04/16/2021 11:03 AM

  Stars of Netflix's lesbian thriller 'Ride or Die' on their on- and off-screen connection

  04/16/2021 11:00 AM

  New Horizons Captures Goosebump-Inducing Image as It Approaches Milestone Distance From the Sun

  04/16/2021 11:00 AM

  US slaps visa bans on Ugandans linked to disputed polls

  04/16/2021 10:58 AM

  Portugal reaps benefits of a prolonged COVID-19 lockdown

  04/16/2021 10:55 AM

  Georgia governor gets GOP primary challenge from former Dem

  04/16/2021 10:52 AM

  US puts visa restrictions on Uganda, saying vote was flawed

  04/16/2021 10:49 AM

  Russia to expel 10 US diplomats in response to Washington

  04/16/2021 10:42 AM

  Why the royals aren’t wearing military uniforms to Philip’s funeral

  04/16/2021 10:42 AM

  Danish energy giant Orsted is pivoting to onshore wind in new $684 million deal

  04/16/2021 10:41 AM

  South Africa takes first step to offer jabs to the elderly

  04/16/2021 10:37 AM

  Blackford, other writers, wrong about McConnell and the filibuster

  04/16/2021 10:32 AM

  What to Cook This Weekend

  04/16/2021 10:30 AM

  WHO issues grave warning as Covid cases rise at 'worrying' rate but at lowest in UK

  04/16/2021 10:30 AM

THE number of new COVID-19 cases per week has nearly doubled globally over the past two months, approaching the highest rate seen so far during the pandemic, the head of the World Health Organization said on Friday.

  Jimmy Lai Hong Kong: Who is Jimmy Lai? Why has he been arrested in Hong Kong?

  04/16/2021 10:29 AM

JIMMY LAI appeared in court on Friday in Hong Kong, and the mogul now faces a jail term. But who is Jimmy Lai? Why has he been arrested in Hong Kong?

  I feel anti-Asian bigotry in Kansas, and it’s a story with a long American history

  04/16/2021 10:28 AM

  Adorable 'Porg' Pterosaur Flapped Above Jurassic China

  04/16/2021 10:24 AM

  Armenia’s PM faced mass protests. Why is he still leading polls?

  04/16/2021 10:21 AM

  Tunisian authorities say 21 dead after migrant boat sinks in Mediterranean, 3 survivors found

  04/16/2021 10:20 AM

  U.S. preparing for COVID-19 booster shots, as Pfizer chief says 3rd dose 'likely' needed

  04/16/2021 10:17 AM

  Biden starts off presidency with positive approval marks, CNBC survey shows

  04/16/2021 10:08 AM

  Turkey bans crypto payments and Bitcoin feels the pain

  04/16/2021 10:06 AM

  More than half of passports Cyprus issued to rich foreigners were illegal, says inquiry chief

  04/16/2021 10:04 AM

  South Africa is putting profit before Yemeni lives

  04/16/2021 10:04 AM

  Hong Kong democracy leaders given jail terms amid crackdown

  04/16/2021 09:57 AM

  Justin Trudeau crisis: Canada PM dealt crushing blow in new poll as Covid cripples economy

  04/16/2021 09:52 AM

JUSTIN TRUDEAU has been handed a devastating blow after a new poll predicted the Canadian economy is likely to grow at a slower pace due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  What to Know About the Chicago Police Shooting of 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo

  04/16/2021 09:52 AM

  'I'm sorry, Mum': Italian launches billboard campaign after being blocked from burying his mother

  04/16/2021 09:52 AM

  Australian medicines regulator reports first blood clot death 'likely' linked to AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine

  04/16/2021 09:51 AM

  India aiming to produce 100 million doses of home-grown Covaxin Covid-19 jab per month by September

  04/16/2021 09:50 AM

  Alcohol Ban To Thwart COVID Transmission Was A Mixed Bag : Goats and Soda - NPR

  04/16/2021 09:49 AM

  You Can Finally Use Book Covers as Kindle Lockscreens

  04/16/2021 09:49 AM

  Sen. Ted Cruz no longer wears a mask at the Capitol, falsely claiming 'everybody' in the Senate has been vaccinated against COVID-19

  04/16/2021 09:41 AM

  Tens of thousands flee attacks on northeast Nigerian town: UN

  04/16/2021 09:41 AM

  India Covid variant: Why is India not on the red list? New variant fears ahead of PM visit

  04/16/2021 09:37 AM

AN INDIAN coronavirus variant first detected in India has now been found in the UK, but why is India not on the red list?

  Scientists create first chimeric human-monkey embryos which can survive up to 20 days

  04/16/2021 09:24 AM

  Indonesia arrests two hackers over $60-million fraud that targeted US jobless during Covid pandemic

  04/16/2021 09:22 AM

  Why Do We Let Corporations Profit From Rape Videos?

  04/16/2021 09:21 AM

  Polish civic groups oppose 'takeover' of human rights office

  04/16/2021 09:19 AM

  EU shamed as VDL concedes over Ukraine rejection - Russian troops now on doorstep

  04/16/2021 09:15 AM

THE EU has been shamed after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen snubbed Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky's invitation to visit Kiev as the country faces the threat of war with Russia.

  France outlaws sex with children aged under 15

  04/16/2021 09:14 AM

  France outlaws sex with children aged under 15 - NBC News

  04/16/2021 09:14 AM

  Biden is running out of time to dodge Trump's traps with Iran

  04/16/2021 09:12 AM

  Pakistan briefly blocks social media amid anti-France rally - The Associated Press

  04/16/2021 09:11 AM

  Most Cyprus passports issued in investment scheme were ‘illegal’

  04/16/2021 09:11 AM

  Publisher won't distribute book by officer in Breonna Taylor case

  04/16/2021 09:11 AM

  Republicans are blowing up their own agenda to 'own the libs'

  04/16/2021 09:09 AM

  U.S. sanctions on Russia ‘mostly symbolic’ and will not trouble Moscow, economists say

  04/16/2021 09:07 AM

  Why Adults Lose the ‘Beginner’s Mind’

  04/16/2021 09:05 AM

  At least 21 people die after boat sinks off Tunisia

  04/16/2021 09:03 AM

  Thousands of Palestinians attend Friday prayers at al-Aqsa mosque

  04/16/2021 09:01 AM

  Covid infection rate is approaching highest level ever, WHO chief warns

  04/16/2021 09:00 AM

  She Works in a Homeless Shelter, and She Lives in One, Too

  04/16/2021 09:00 AM

  Muslims mark 1st Ramadan Friday prayers in Jerusalem

  04/16/2021 08:57 AM

  Covid-19 Pushes India’s Middle Class Toward Poverty

  04/16/2021 08:53 AM

  Dogecoin skyrockets, stoking fears of a cryptocurrency bubble

  04/16/2021 08:46 AM
Dogecoin started out as a joke.

  3 resign from Auschwitz museum board over appointment of right-wing politician | TheHill - The Hill

  04/16/2021 08:41 AM

  What to Know About Migrant Children in San Diego

  04/16/2021 08:39 AM

  How Many Tyrannosaurus Rexes Ever Lived on Earth? Here’s a New Clue.

  04/16/2021 08:38 AM

  ‘Highly probable’ EU won’t renew AstraZeneca or J&J Covid-19 vaccine contract, French minister says

  04/16/2021 08:37 AM

  US-funded broadcaster asks European court to block Russian fines

  04/16/2021 08:32 AM

  What to expect at Prince Philip’s funeral

  04/16/2021 08:31 AM

  Pakistan cabinet shake-up sees 4th finance minister in two years

  04/16/2021 08:31 AM

  What to expect at Prince Philip’s funeral - The Washington Post

  04/16/2021 08:31 AM

  The Best Gadgets to 420 Blaze It

  04/16/2021 08:30 AM

  Joe Biden's brutal assessment of Vladmir Putin before Ukraine crisis: 'You're losing face!

  04/16/2021 08:29 AM

JOE BIDEN once claimed that Russia was acting out against former Soviet Republics because it was "losing its empire", with present-day tensions along the country's border region with Ukraine at an all time high.

  The End of the United States’ Forever War

  04/16/2021 08:26 AM

  Pakistan police file ‘blasphemy’ case against feminist marchers

  04/16/2021 08:16 AM

  ‘Do I Really Belong Here?’: Korean Americans in the N.B.A. Wonder

  04/16/2021 08:16 AM

  Who are the 30 people attending Prince Philip’s funeral?

  04/16/2021 08:15 AM

  Iran begins uranium enrichment at highest level yet as Vienna nuclear talks continue

  04/16/2021 08:08 AM

  US senators call on Biden to back COVID vaccine patent waiver

  04/16/2021 08:04 AM

  Iran starts enriching uranium to 60%, its highest level ever - Fox News

  04/16/2021 08:04 AM

  Prince Philip’s car is now a Sri Lankan royal artefact

  04/16/2021 07:59 AM

  Hong Kong billionaire and newspaper tycoon Jimmy Lai gets 12 months in prison for role in anti-Beijing protests

  04/16/2021 07:47 AM

  Texas House votes to allow Texans to carry handguns without a license or training

  04/16/2021 07:45 AM

  Top Chinese diplomat calls US policy on China 'too negative,' says it highlights confrontation over cooperation

  04/16/2021 07:38 AM

  Sweden eases lockdown measures, but only for people who’ve had a Covid jab

  04/16/2021 07:36 AM

  Indian cop arrested in Kashmir for blocking anti-rebel ops

  04/16/2021 07:34 AM

  Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Friday

  04/16/2021 07:30 AM

  Here's What to Expect at Apple's 'Spring Loaded' Event

  04/16/2021 07:30 AM

After weeks of speculation, we know that Apple’s first big product event of 2021 will be on Tuesday, April 20. (Thanks, Siri!) What could Apple possibly have to launch after hosting not one, not two, but three events this past fall? Well, a lot actually—but save your iBong jokes, it’s most definitely not anything…


  Iran successfully produces 60%-enriched uranium days after ‘act of sabotage’ at Natanz nuclear facility

  04/16/2021 07:29 AM

  ‘Covid-free’ trains start operating between Rome and Milan

  04/16/2021 07:15 AM

  Rosie Could Be a Riveter Only Because of a Care Economy. Where Is Ours?

  04/16/2021 07:14 AM

  Shortage of intubation drugs threatens Brazil health sector - Associated Press

  04/16/2021 07:08 AM

  A 'quantum leap': Monster wind turbines are going to get even bigger

  04/16/2021 07:08 AM

  Sky turns dark as devastating locust swarm destroys crops – farmers ordered to burn tyres

  04/16/2021 07:02 AM

SWARMS of locusts are sweeping across farmlands in the southern African country of Namibia sparking fears of a looming food crisis.

  Prince Philip's coffin will be carried in a Land Rover he designed

  04/16/2021 07:00 AM

  Iran nuclear chief says 60% uranium enrichment started at Natanz site

  04/16/2021 06:59 AM

  Myanmar coup foes tout minority-backed shadow government

  04/16/2021 06:58 AM

  Myanmar coup foes tout minority-backed shadow government

  04/16/2021 06:57 AM

  India’s COVID vaccine maker urges Biden to lift exports embargo

  04/16/2021 06:57 AM

  Titanic: Searching for the 'missing' Chinese survivors

  04/16/2021 06:54 AM

  Salmonella outbreak in Denmark linked to popular herbal digestive supplements claimed three lives, Danish health watchdog says

  04/16/2021 06:51 AM

  Beijing says US return to Paris Agreement is not ‘return of the king’ but ‘return of the student who skipped school’

  04/16/2021 06:48 AM

  The climate crisis: Is capitalism the problem?

  04/16/2021 06:43 AM

  New Covid variant found in India raises alarm in UK – fears vaccines unable to control it

  04/16/2021 06:41 AM

THE discovery of 77 UK cases of a coronavirus variant first detected in India has prompted an epidemiologist to sound the alarm, warning the new strains are likely to be even more resistant to vaccines than previous mutations.

  One and done? Study suggests recovered Covid-19 patients may only need single vaccine dose

  04/16/2021 06:40 AM

  Thailand uses hotels for COVID patients as cases surge - Reuters

  04/16/2021 06:40 AM

  Despite German court ruling, Austria is convinced the EU recovery funds will be rolled out

  04/16/2021 06:39 AM

  AP Interview: Beijing says US 'too negative' toward China

  04/16/2021 06:38 AM

  Germany’s Merkel pushes for widening of powers as COVID surges

  04/16/2021 06:36 AM

  The Success of Top-Down Simplicity

  04/16/2021 06:33 AM

  Google faces ‘millions’ in fines after Australian court rules in 'world-first' case that it misled users about data collection

  04/16/2021 06:24 AM

  Iran starts enriching uranium at 60%, its highest level ever

  04/16/2021 06:24 AM

  Chinese diplomat says world's largest carbon emitter to send 'positive message' at April climate meeting called by Biden

  04/16/2021 06:20 AM

  Deposed Myanmar officials and pro-democracy protesters form national unity government amid military coup

  04/16/2021 06:17 AM

  Gym That Defied Lockdown Linked to at Least 419 Infections And One Death - The Daily Beast

  04/16/2021 06:17 AM

  After the Riot: 100 days since the attack on the Capitol

  04/16/2021 06:14 AM

  Hong Kong sentences democracy activists to prison over peaceful protest

  04/16/2021 06:14 AM

  Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers mirthfully audit Matt Gaetz's Venmo receipts

  04/16/2021 06:12 AM

  Second S.Korean deal to produce Russia's Sputnik V - Reuters

  04/16/2021 06:10 AM

  Michel Barnier warns that Frexit remains a risk ahead of presidential elections

  04/16/2021 06:08 AM

  Reckoning with Foucault’s alleged sexual abuse of boys in Tunisia

  04/16/2021 06:02 AM

  The Agony of Pandemic Parenting

  04/16/2021 06:00 AM

  ‘Wow’ or ‘disgusting’? 5 Boise homes for sale at prices that will melt your brain

  04/16/2021 06:00 AM

  ‘Worse than any war zone.’ Teacher’s killing reveals drug cartels’ growing NC footprint

  04/16/2021 06:00 AM

  Covid infection rate is approaching highest level ever, WHO chief warns - CNBC

  04/16/2021 05:56 AM

  Pakistan temporarily blocks social media over potential protests

  04/16/2021 05:54 AM

  Face masks set to vanish from Israel's streets from Sunday as part of return to normality

  04/16/2021 05:48 AM

  Pakistan shuts down social media for hours, after days of violent anti-France protests

  04/16/2021 05:38 AM

  UK government accused of allowing Myanmar junta to kick out London ambassador

  04/16/2021 05:36 AM

  South Korea’s president replaces PM and reshuffles cabinet in aftermath of crushing local elections defeat

  04/16/2021 05:31 AM

  Beijing warns US, Japan against collusion vs China

  04/16/2021 05:31 AM

  Beijing warns US, Japan against collusion vs China

  04/16/2021 05:28 AM

  Video of Chicago Police Fatally Shooting Adam Toledo Is Released

  04/16/2021 05:18 AM